Monacon: Testing the Electric Derp

It’s a known fact that 99% of electric car concepts and products look derpy. There’s positively no other word to describe them. They’re generally made the same way consumer electronics are made – an industrial design professional makes a smooth, Apple-inspired case, and the engineers stuff the electronics in somehow. So in the end, you get a car that looks round and bubbly without hard angles or defined shapes (because that’s too industrial? An actual quote from 2.009 instructors, I kid you not), lacking definition, or a spine. It looks like you took a real car and half-melted it.

In other words, I’m once again blaming Apple for ever consumer product design trend that I find distasteful and off-putting. There go my chances of ever working for them…

But here’s a video of me driving the derpiest looking car on the planet. I will say that despite the derp, it has a pretty solid kick.

It reminds me of an upscale lolriokart.

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The scooters proved to be quite the hit around here. People are pretty intrigued to see them move because they’re so freakin’ small. Fortunately, Pneu Scooter‘s motor is transparent, so we can also show that they are propelled by something other than magic.

Video 1: Time trials for 2-wheeled objects (ignore the 3-wheeled one) behind the famed Monte Carlo Casino.

Video 2: Bus-trike! I don’t know the actual name of this vehicle, but it’s way too long for its own good, has solar panels, tandem pedals, and a turning radius larger than some real buses. It’s so horrificaly awesome that it’s become my favorite vehicle so far.