Colsonbot… Colsonbot…
Does whatever a Colsonbot does…
Can he spin? Can he win?
No he can’t! He’s a wheel…

Colsonbot is a shell spinner, with a catch: it’s made of a Colson wheel, and is therefore nonviolent.

Originally conceived during a post-event “bad idea generation” dinner at Motorama 2013, it turned into a working version 1 for Bot Blast 2013 and a new version 2 in time for Bot Blast 2015. Colsonbot is one of an increasing number of fully 3D-printed unibody insect-class (150g – 3lb) combat robots. Consumer 3D printing has gotten inexpensive enough such that more and more builders are opting to print their frames from ABS (or more rarely PLA) plastics.

Under its whimsical shell, Colsonbot actually sports the equipment of a competent shell spinner. The drivetrain is 4 wheel drive with wheels in a square aspect ratio, so Colsonbot drives very balanced. There’s space for 2 spin motors, though the wheel renders it too heavy to use both. The spin system was engineered to yield maximum reliability over big hits. Therefore, by some aberration of nature, Colsonbot has actually won a fair number of matches by out-driving and out-lasting opponents!


Weapon 8×2″ Colson
Chassis 6″ diameter, 1″ disc
3D-printed ABS plastic unibody
Mechanical Four wheel drive
4x Fingertech Silver Spark 11:1
Hobbyking NTM 2830 spin motor
Electrical Hobbyking 2.4ghz radio system
11.1v 850mAh lipoly
Vex 29 drive controllers
Turnigy Plush 18 spin controller
Competition Bot Blast 2013
Bot Blast 2015
Robot Battles 2015

Colsonbot’s main build post is here; click on its Category listing for more posts.