Null Hypothesis

Know what I miss? Having a totally generic 4-wheeled pushybot with no frills. Most of my bots these days have some kind of crazy multi-DOF actuated weapon, but some times it’s nice to just drive something around really fast! Null Hypothesis is a classic “drill brick” bot using four 18v cordless drill motors overvolted to 25v, with 3/4″ of ground clearance and a frame made of 1″ thick UHMW polyethylene, which is damn near unbreakable. The hope is that NH will be a good sparring opponent for anything else I build in the 30lb class. If the design can’t reject the null hypothesis – defeat a generic 4 wheeled pushy box bot, then maybe it needs to be rethought…

Null Hypothesis 1.0

Weapon 1/8″ 4130 steel wedge
Chassis 18 x 18 x 2.5″
Mechanical Four wheel drive
4x 24:1 18v drill gearboxes
Electrical 25.6v (8S) 4.4Ah A123 battery
1x Ragebridge ESC
Competition Robot Battles 2012

NH, as with my other bots, has its own build report category.