Sharper Image Electric X²/2 A.K.A ‘Snuffles’


What happens when you combine a dinky little electric scooter with a queen-sized outrunner brushless motor?


Constructed during the summer of 2007 before I entered MIT as an undergraduate, this was my first electric vehicle project and would later spawn many more.

Build report posts are here. As of 2010, half of them are missing and the rest have broken image links due to the fact that I moved servers twice between now and then.

Vehicle Sharper Image Electric X2 scooter
Drivetrain 5mm HTD belt drive, 3.75:1 drive ratio
125mm polyurethane wheels
Mechanical Aluminum frame (alloy unknown)
Steel forks and folding joint
Cushy handlebars
Motor 80mm diameter outrunner brushless DC motor
2000W tested power
Controller 100 amp HV Brushless ESC, 5K potentiometer-to-RC interface
Battery 33.6 volt, 3AH NiMH high-current pack
Top Speed 22mph
Range 3 miles
Curb Weight 23 pounds

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  1. Where can I find a battery and charger for this scooter?

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