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You know you want to. has grown to being a sort of knowledge base – for both myself and others. Multiple projects have been documented literally from beginning to end (or do they ever end?), with explanation and exposition interspersed with technical references. It is, to my dismay (as I would LOVE to see more engineers and DIY builders document their work thoroughly), one of the few places on the internet to do so.  This is the reason why I’ve began to index the content that I keep referring to, or other builders and makers ask me about.

The tips jar is not intended to be a source of personal income, the only source of funding for a project, or a moral obligation for readers and people who reference material from the site. It is available as a physical token of appreciation by you if you have found the content interesting, useful, or are supportive of individual engineering intiatives… or weird things.

Donations will strictly be reserved for supplementary funds for project use – you’ll just have to take my word for it. The Charles Z. Guan Epic Build Project and Engineering Foundation is not a real, registered nonprofit organization. Its sole beneficiary, as of now, is me. Those are the terms.


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