RazEr rEVolution

RazEr rEVolution at EVER Monaco 2011

It’s time to stop playing around. Razor scooter conversions are nice and compact, but that characteristic is also their weakness – there’s just not enough space to put anything. Now that the miniature electric hub motors have been proven in both RazEr (like three times) and the even more compact ‘Blades, it’s time to go big. RazEr rEVolution is based on a wholly custom frame that fits a 2 inch wide, 70mm stator hub motor that is parallel wound for even more current capacity. The battery energy increases 50% over RazEr, mostly due to the increase from 30 volts to 40 volts nominal.

Oh, and it still folds.

Here’s RrEV’s build thread.


Vehicle Compact electric scooter
Drivetrain Rear wheel direct drive
Mechanical 2024 aluminum structure, Razor scooter parts
Motor 500 watt custom BLDC hub motor
Controller Melontroller
Battery 38.4v 4.5Ah lithium nanophosphate battery
Top Speed 18 MPH
Range 3 to 5 miles
Curb Weight 15 pounds

Video links of RrEV will be available here when testing commences.