Überclocker Remix


Überclocker Remix

As my first fully new build in a few years, Überclocker is the bot that features as much of my current engineering skillset as possible. Based on a classic “clamp-bot” design, the goal is to exercise total control over the opponent by the simple merit of suspending them off the ground. A large pronged fork with an overhead secondary fork allows for trapping, and subsequent control of the opponent.

To overcome the problem of tipping when an opponent is suspended from the forks, Überclocker features spring-loaded front support legs. Having these forward supports sprung means the robot will not lose traction when it grips an opponent; rather, it will simply shift forward onto the front wheels. Überclocker is designed for the new 30 Pound Sportsmans class, which was formed to encourage innovation instead of pursuing terminal designs with outrageous budgets.

The bot was upgraded significantly for the 2012 competition season, and is now retired.

Überclocker Remix

Weapon Actuated aluminum fork assembly with overhead clamping bar
Chassis 18″ x 18″ x 2.5″ Chassis only
18″ x 27″ x 5.5″ with forks and tines
2024, 6061 waterjet-cut aluminum frame
Mechanical Four wheel drive
2x 17:1 gearboxes with 14.4v DeWalt drill motors
691:1 geared dual drill motor main lift gearbox
Spring-loaded front support legs
Electrical Spektrum DSM 2.4Ghz radio system
23.1v 2.3AH A123 battery
RageBridge v1 controllers
Competition Robot Battles 2008 (as 1.0)
Robot Battles 2009
Robot Battles 2010
Robot Battles 2011
Robot Battles 2012
Motorama Robot Conflict 2010

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Überclocker Remix’s build reports are in a separate category.

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