Melon Scooter

Melonscooter with optional cargo attachment

Built over a weekend in 2010 and then upgraded in 2011, Melonscooter is more tool than project. It’s my only consistently functional and reliable vehicle, and while it was originally slated to be a brushless controller testing platform, it now features a very basic electrical system comprising a 100 amp HV airplane ESC and  servo tester hacked to be a throttle converter (and a 12 volt DC/DC converter to run the gaudy lighting). The system is essentially identical to the one I wrote about in my small EV instructable. It’s extremely fast, more dangerous than necessary, and almost uncontrollably powerful because of its namesake drive motor.


Vehicle Stand-up electric scooter 
Drivetrain Rear wheel HTD 5mm belt drive
Mechanical Modified “Sunl” type electric scooter frame, 6061 aluminum, polycarbonate
Motor Turnigy C80/100-130 6.0kW brushless aircraft motor
Controller Turnigy 100AHV aircraft controller
Battery 38.4v 9Ah lithium nanophosphate battery
Top Speed 25 MPH
Range 8 mi
Curb Weight 35 pounds