Snuffles: Retired, Revisited, Reloaded

Propositio Prima: It is wholly possible to put together an extremely powerful and efficient personal electric vehicle using common hobby-grade equipment for under $400 in total. Depending on the requirements of the individual, this amount can be drastically less.

Propositio Secunda
: The best way to learn about something is doing it.

Propositio Tertia: Boston sidewalks suck ass.

This could be the start of something... uhh....

It was certainly the most fun impulsive build I’ve ever completed. What began as a desire to mount a giant brushless motor on something, anything, turned into a foray into the world of exotic power systems, electric vehicles, battery technologies, and electronics engineering. After I finally learned how to control the motor’s power, it became a great local transportation device. However, after a month of operation, I’ve decided to pull the plug on Snuffles.
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