Project Pages

I like to design, build, and tinker with things. So here is a page of my projects, including retired, completed, in progress, in planning, and imaginary ones.

  • Combat Robots
    After watching BattleBots, I decided to venture into the sport of fighting robots. The fleet is always evolving and changing to reflect new strategies and designs.
  • Electric Vehicles
    Experiments and explorations in alternative propulsion and vehicle performance.
  • Academic, Research, Legitmate Works
    Directly or indirectly related to things I do at MIT or IRL.
  • Vans and Whatnot
    My mischievous machinery which can variously be titled and registered for highway use.
  • Randomness
    Arguably, most of my stuff should actually fall under here, but technicalities are left as an exercise to the reader.

These items aren’t directly related to completed projects or works under way, you might find them interesting anyway.

  • Reference Posts and Useful Stuff
    Some of the build report updates contain higher than average technical details that I keep referring back to later, so here’s a list of them.