Test Bot 4.5 Media Center Edition Service Pack 1

Test Bot 4.5 Media Center Edition Service Pack 1 Build 3214_001_489435b (Horny Hippopotamus)!

Test Bot 4.5 is the latest iteration in long line of bot designs going back all the way to Test Bot 1.0, which gave the “team” a name. It is an ultra-low profile pusher and lifter with a 30 degree aluminum wedge encircling its front side and a fast 4-bar linkaged-based lifting arm. The bot was constructed to compete in the 12-pound RFL class as well as the BattlebotsIQ 15-pound Mini class under the “Media Center Edition” upgrades.

For 2008, the “Service Pack” upgrades will improve the bot’s durability, especially against kinetic energy weapons, and reliability. The bot will still compete as a 12-pound class bot with optional attachments to fight in the 15 pound class.


Test Bot 4.5 Media Center Edition Service Pack 1

Weapon 4-bar electric lifting arm
Chassis 12″ x 12″ base, 1.5″ height
UHMW Polyethylene, G-10 fiberglass composite
6061, 2024, and 7075 aluminum weapon parts and wedge skirts
Mechanical 2 custom 14:1 drive gearboxes, 12MPH top speed
Four wheel drive
Custom 56:1 arm gearbox
Electrical Spektrum 2.4ghz radio control
Victor 884 and Dimension Engineering SyRen 25 controllers
Custom “default-on” power switch
14.8v, 2.1AH lithium-ion polymer battery
Competition 4.5SP1
Motorama 2008

BattlebotsIQ 2007 National Tournament
Battle Beach IV
Robot Fighting League 2006 National Championship
Dragon*Con Atlanta Robot Battles 2006

Pictures of TB4.5SP1
Electronics and internals External view
Pictures of TB4.5
Early design model for TB4.5 Final rendering UHMW chassis Ghettob0x3n Reloaded Structurally done bot More bot

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