12 O’Clocker

12 O'Clocker

What’s cuter than Überclocker? A smaller Überclocker! 12 O’Cl0cker takes the same concept behind 30lb Überclocker – the “clampbot” design, and brings it down to 12 pounds. The bot features the same kind of spring-loaded forward outriggers that help it remain mobile with an opponent in the grabber. The drivetrain is geared extremely fast, with soft high traction wheels for a maneuverability advantage.

12 O’Clocker is designed for the Robot Battles sumo-style 12lb class and will not compete in the conventional 12lb class, unless a Sportsman division is formed for said class. That’s because the bot is too lightly armored and “pokey” to face off well against most of the 12lb spinning weaponry.

12 O’Clocker

Weapon Actuated aluminum fork assembly with overhead clamping bar
Chassis 9.3″ x 10″ x 3″ Chassis only
18″ x 14″ x 8″ with forks and tines
6061 waterjet-cut aluminum frame
Mechanical Four wheel drive
2x custom drill-based 6:1 motors
180:1 geared 18v drill motor lifter drive
Lead spring front support legs
Electrical Hobbyking 2.4ghz radio system
19.2v 2.2Ah LiFePO4 battery pack
RageBridge controllers
Competition Robot Battles 2013

12 O’Clocker’s build thread is here.