Überclocker ADVANCE


Überclocker Advance is the newest generation of my 30lb Sportsman’s class design, Überclocker. It retains the classic clamping-lifting fork arrangement of Überlocker Remix and the original Überclocker, but has significant practical design upgrades which make it quicker and more reliable. For example, it features the highest ground clearance of any combat robot I’ve built, on purpose, in order to expand the domain of possible escapes from opponent lifting attacks; this is in stark contrast to my historic preferred method of staying as low to the ground as possible. The bot is the first application of my custom-designed (now commercial) motor controller, the RageBridge, and also my DeWalt transmission mounts. This combination of more heavy duty parts means the bot can go faster, be more maneuverable, and hopefully be more durable. Unlike the previous Überclocker, the weight is more centered instead of rear-biased, contributing to handling, and the anti-dive leverage (for when a 30lb opponent is in the forks) is provided by much longer spring-loaded legs (or “reactive outriggers”)  than before.

Überclocker Advance

Weapon Actuated aluminum fork assembly with overhead clamping bar
Chassis 15″ x 19″ x 2.5″ Chassis only
25″ x 19″ x 6″ with forks and tines
7075, 6061 waterjet-cut aluminum frame
Mechanical Four wheel drive
2x DeWut?! with 18v motors
260:1 geared DeWalt 18v motor lifter drive
Spring-loaded front support legs
Electrical Spektrum DSM 2.4Ghz radio system
25.9V 4.4Ah Lithium Polymer battery pack
RageBridge controllers
Competition Motorama Robot Conflict 2013
Robot Battles 2013
Motorama Robot Conflict 2014
Robot Battles 2014
Motorama Robot Conflict 2015
Robot Battles 2015
Franklin Institute Robot Conflict 2015

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