Combat Robots

team test bot

Some might recognize this as the site’s old logo.

During the summer of 2000, the novel show BattleBots began airing on Comedy Central. I caught one episode, it summoned the nascent gearhead within me, and the rest was history. I did not actually build anything until well after the show finished its run in the fall of 2002.

The robots on this page are listed in “rough chronological order” from the most recent. Since they come in and out of retirement with each event, and might not be rebuilt for several events, it’s had to keep track of what’s actually retired, but chances are my bots from 2004 are no longer active!

Colsonbot Colsonbot

Stance Stance Revolution Stance Stance Revolution

Überclocker Advance Überclocker Advance

Null Hypothesis Null Hypothesis

12 O'Clocker 12 O’Clocker

Pad Thai Doodle Ninja Pad Thai Doodle Ninja

Pop Quiz 2 Pop Quiz

Überclocker Remix Überclocker Remix

Nuclear Kitten Nuclear Kitten 5.0

Test Bot 4.5 Test Bot 4.5 Media Center Edition Service Pack 1

Cold Arbor Cold Arbor

Trial Bot Trial Bot 1.0

KCA2 Antweights

ÜberclockerÜberclocker 1.0

History Historical Artifacts

See some pics of the bots as they were over the past n years!