Straight RazEr

Don’t turn?

Straight RazEr is a short week-long grudge-build to see how absurdly overpowered and fast I can build a roughly push scooter sized vehicle. Straight RazEr was inspired by RazEr rEVolution‘s loss at the 2011 EVER Monaco “2 wheeled vehicle drag race”, in which the majority of participants were electric bicycles and there were no rules against pedalling. Even so, RazEr rEV held its own against the competition, but should I ever return to EVER, the e-bike gang will surely be surprised.

Using the same frame dimensions as RazEr rEV but with a “melon” type motor and a chain drive, Straight RazEr has a theoretical max speed of over 35 miles per hour. The acceleration is so forceful that it’s almost impossible to stay on. The battery is identical to RazEr rEVolution otherwise. Due to the flat Colson Performa wheels, it’s very unstable in turning and coupled with its very low ground clearance, it’s pretty much only good for moving briskly forwards (hence “straight RazEr”).

So it’s essentially RazEr rEV’s more neurotic cousin. Straight RazEr’s short build thread is here.

24 Nov 2011: Straight RazEr has been switched over to a tinytroller in order to test that controller design.


Vehicle Stand-up scooter
Drivetrain Rear wheel #25H chain drive, 15:48 ratio
Mechanical 6061 aluminum
Motor Turnigy C80/85-180 6.0kW airplane motor
Controller TinyTroller! with IRFS3107-7
Battery 38.4v 4.6Ah LiFePO4
Top Speed 35mph
Range 2 miles
Curb Weight 20 pounds

Here’s a list of testing videos relevant to the project.