Nuclear Kitten 5.0

Nuclear Kitten 5

Despite having the most whimsical name, Nuclear Kitten is the most successful of my bots, having won several championships and placed in 2nd or 3rd at others in its various incarnations. It is a vertical kinetic energy (“spinner”) disc design, and is designed to fling and toss opponents. The current design addressed a critical weakness of the previous – two wheel drive, and added a .25″ waterjet cut hardened 4140 steel disc driven directly by an internal brushless motor.

NK is a 3lb Beetleweight class combat robot. The observant will notice that NK’s disc forms the logo of and is a component in Team Test Bot’s logo.

Nuclear Kitten 5.0

Weapon .25″ 4140 3-tooth disc, 6″ diameter
Chassis 9″ x 5″ base, 1″ height
1/8″ 6061 aluminum and 1/32″ carbon fiber
Mechanical 2 25mm, 20:1 metal gearhead motors
5ft/s top speed
Four wheel drive
Direct drive weapon motor
Electrical Spektrum 2.4ghz radio control
11.1v 800mAh lithium ion polymer battery
Barello ANT150 dual motor controller
Competition 5.0

Robot Battles 2008

Robot Fighting League 2006 National Championship
Daytona Area Robot Tournament 2006
Dragon*Con Atlanta Robot Battles 2006
Battle Beach IV
Dragon*Con Atlanta Robot Battles 2005
Battle Beach III
The Capital Offense III – Tallahassee 2005
Atlanta Area Bot Brawl 2
Dragon*Con Atlanta Robot Battles 2004

Previous versions used a completely different design and are not reflective of the current robot.

Nuclear Kitten build reports are in its category.

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