Glowing safety glasses!

Some time after the FIRST Robotics tournament in 2006, I found myself left with two pairs of safety goggles. I kept one in the build lab, where it got throughly smacked and scratched up, including a huge gouge from a piece caught in the miter saw. The other, however, was pristine. As the 2007 tournament rolled around, I thought It Would Be Really Cool If I put some LEDs in them, to make them glow, like expensive computer parts.

Thus began my new life philosophy – that all clear things, of glass or of plastic, must have glowy things.


  • 2x “Unbranded EBay 100-pack” superbright RGB LEDs, 4-wire 8000mcd
  • 2x lithium 2025 primary cells jammed in a 2032 cell holder, dug out from a printer board
  • 1x SPDT switch
  • Some inconspicuous wire.
  • A zip tie
  • Some glue
  • Safety goggles. I managed to get the all-clear type, which works better.
  • 29,700 pounds of Charles Mojo

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