Ãœberclocker rebuild is postponed

Ãœberclocker will not be appearing at Motorama.

A combination of several factors has led me to postpone the build for next semester or next summer. First off, it’s mid-December already, and Moto is in about two months. I have not started on anything, nor even gotten materials and parts. Finals are next week. Immediately afterwards, I’m flying back to Atlanta for about 3 weeks, during which time I will not have 24/7 access to machine tools, especially not a waterjet cutter (Dale, I sincerely recommend you buy yourself an abrasive waterjet cutter for Christmas! It’s a good investment, I promise).

After returning, I have all of 2 weeks left of IAP before the next term starts. So, half of the month I do have after that will be in conflict with classes.

This project is far too complex and involved to just wing it. I don’t want to go through the TB episode again, because that made it not fun any more.

Instead, I might concurrently build the bot alongside 2.007, the robot class (yes, I FINALLY GET TO BUILD ROBOTS FOR CLASS),or possibly extending it into summer. Summer plans as of this point are indeterminate, but chances are strong that I will be in Atlanta, exploring the engineering scene and annoying the neighborhood watch. This will of course all culminate in a hopefully kickass bot for Dragon*Con 2009.

So, I’m officially dropping the effort for now. But this means I’ll have to come up with something else to build while in Atlanta. Since going to a bot event far away just to bum around is lame, and could get me drafted to do event logistics, I’ll probably pound the dents out of either TB SP1 or the insect bots.

Test Bot isn’t all that banged up, just needing a new battery and lifter arrangement (in metal, please). NK needs detailing and a quick redo of the disc motor, which threw a magnet. And Pop Quiz, if I go for it, will actually be rebuilt completely. Why? 3/8″ thick bots are nice, but not very practical. Returning to a 1/2″ chassis allows me to use real drive motors and receivers. I have all the parts, so it’s just  a matter of carving a block of UHMW.

Time will tell. First, finals.