Problems remaining:

  • Arm jamming due to inadequate pinion support
  • Victor-Spektrum interface difficulty
  • Current-limiting too restrictive on arm ESC
  • Wedges not yet machined or bent

New problems:

  • 0 volt cell in lithium polymer battery pack. Like, zero. Zip. Nada. No recovery.
  • Dead arm ESC. That’s why current limiting has been solved. Mysterious non-current cause of failure. Update: Ghettobooster seems to have blown its 5v regulator early (could have been a bad one to start with) and was putting out over 8 volts on the 5v line. I’m surprised the Spektrum and Victors are still alive. Test custom electronics before putting them in the bot, kids.

At this point, it’s almost frivolous to continue. At least the bot moves, and I was able to drive it around for a few minutes.

I have only a few options – drop the lithium pack and go to the MCE 12v NiCd pack, or drop one cell out of the lithium pack and run 11.1v. I’m not sure which one is more effective at this point. I will have to borrow, steal, or beg an arm ESC at the event.

Otherwise, I might as well concentrate on solving the arm jamming issue. There’s a few solutions to that, too.

The final solution (Plan Z!) is to just forget about the arm completely, lock it down, span the front wedge with a durable material, and brick it! That’s right, run as a pushybot.

However, it’s unlikely I’ll activate plan Z. There’s absolutely no point in doing that.

Bot on. I hope the rest of you have better luck.

3 thoughts on “TB4.5MCESP1 Update 15.1: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK”

  1. If you want, I could see if RE Robotics could bring something up as far as batteries go (they’re entering five robots: four hobbyweights, one ant). The most common battery we used as of last year was a 6-cell 7.2v 3000mAH NiMH. We also had anywhere from 20 to 50 NiMH cordless drill packs ranging from 14v to 18v that can be broken down to individual cells.

  2. Solution! Lets combine your drive platform with my weapon :)

    lol, i hope you make it. The intelispeed offer is still out there.

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