I can has shenanigans?

So I fell back into a phase of “Oops, didn’t bring the camera” syndrome, but here’s some of the goings-on for the past two days. I’m pretty sure that my left arm is going to fall off on its own and beat me to death just by itself soon. There’s been alot more threading and tapping. It builds character….and muscle, since it allows me to try to equalize the arms a bit. Being right handed, my right arm has historically been a bit stronger than my left.

Anyways, onto pictures.

More progress on the steering arm, now with 99% more gears! They are all some ungodly large pitch (10? 8? Module 3?) and 3/8″ in thickness, and all waterjet-cut.

I have watched the pile of 50-pound bags of abrasive sitting outside the waterjet room slowly get smaller over the past week. I wonder how much the machine weighs with a full tank of water and sand?

A closeup of the geartrain. Yes, I know, two of the gears don’t touch and two more have very little contact. This was a design error that was corrected by recutting those gears.

The total ratio is around 40:1.

Random closeup through the Lexan mount. I suggested running the gear teeth in with polishing compound to smooth out the sandblast-like finish of the waterjet, which probably pitched the efficiency out the window. They haven’t taken me up on it….yet.

Switching gears a little bit, I did some more cutting and subsequent assembly work on this parking stand for the scooter. It does two things – allow the front wheel to lock against something for leverage while folding, and also allows the vehicle to rest vertically, leaning on the Wolverine-claw-like things (Which will actually have a plate mounted on top). It’s missing a few parts, but that will be addressed soon.
The big difference between this piece and the steering arm is that this has right angles and hence was easier to slam on the drill press and drill quickly and accurately.

Hmm, so all this fabbing has distracted me a bit from wheelmotor work. My magnets and bearings both arrived today.

Interesting thing about these bearings is that they’re tiny. 15mm bore, same as the previous, but only 24mm diameter and 5mm width. I’m slightly concerned about loading and bearing life. Whatever, I suppose. I should be able to get some work on the side plates done tomorow (today? what week is it!?.

28 magnets test loaded and…. HEY! What’s that giant gap?! It’s supposed to be a perfect fit!

Oh well. Nothing some index cards can’t solve. Did you know that a full circle of magnets like this can actually be detrimental to efficiency becuase of increased hysteresis losses in the core?

Stay tuned for the next episode. Meanwhile, bot on.