4 thoughts on “Fankart!”

  1. Should add a fan shroud to protect bystanders from flying fan blades if there’s a structural failure. Otherwise fun to watch, almost looks like a ghost cart on video as you can’t see the fan blades…now only if it was silent :)

  2. That’s what the PVC duct is for. Look for a future post about the giant ducted propfan project…

    (Also, it’s waaaay more structural than most model airplanes which use the same size motor… or bigger! I don’t have enough brass to stand near the thing when it’s at full tilt, and that’s just a 13″ prop o_O)

  3. Should have put the fan on the inside of the kart to protect bystanders from flying fan blades. Zip tie wires to kart cage frame. Wheeeeee!

    Oh, and n33ds m0re p0w3r.

  4. Hey yeah, I thought about the same thing, put the motor INSIDE the kart!

    Remove the red plastic baby thing.

    or put the battery inside a stuff baby doll, lol!

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