The Return of BattleBots

If you’re reading this, it means I’ve finally gotten approval to announce publicly my entry into the running for the 2016 Presidential Election. You are all boned now – mark my words.

Just kidding. It’s way better than that. The ‘black project’ of these past few months, in which my hand has been forced to not blog as it’s been happening, has been a entry into the NEW AND IMPROVED! season of BattleBots – the very show which threw me headlong into a career of engineering and designing things which are dubiously useful for society.


Some of you might have guessed it right away due to the combination of press packets and my radio silence. Along with a crew of select teammates (who I’m sure will document this adventure eventually), we’ve been too busy building something 10x larger than what we’re usually experienced in, with a timeline of only about 8 weeks total. I’ll just say that it’s literally a combination of three of our most successful and prolific designs. However, as a preview…

If you’re in California (or otherwise) and want to attend the event, just go here to buy tickets for the four sessions.

The robot ships out in 4 days! Time to get back to machining…



2 thoughts on “The Return of BattleBots”

  1. Hey Charles, Congrats! Very excited and jealous. Remember to enjoy the ride.

  2. Carl the mascot better makes his return :D Super excited about this!

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