I accidentally


I am now thoroughly convinced beyond any doubt that power electronics just plain hate me and want to see me suffer.

Last week, the 5v switching regulator on RazEr went out with no explanation. Fortunately, it just stopped switching, and didn’t jam 35 volts through all my control logic like last time.

Today, still depressed from the failure of LOLrioKart and wanting at least one working vehicle, I cracked it open and found out that the (poorly) reflow-soldered output capacitor fell off. After soldering it back on, and still have it be dysfunctional, I made a 30-to-5-volt linear regulator from a 78T05 chained to a 78T12.  One 7805 cannot handle the drop from 30 volts to 5, so the 7812 is an intermediate stage. This is an arrangement that’s worked for me before.

After installation, the headlight, servo driver, and ESC fire right up. I was able to reset my throttle endpoints as usual. Then I pushed on the handlebar throttle, and


(Oddly enough, the headlight and servo driver  stayed on through the entire ball of fire. That means my regulator works.)

Back to DC motors and relays…