The Project Tally for the Past 4 Years a.k.a \m/IT \m/echanical \m/ayhem 2007 – 2011

In a moment of sleep-deprived impulsiveness, I examined all of my historic site posts under the various projects I’ve done, spanning all the way back to July 2007 when this version of the site came online.

I kept track of what months and days a certain project was active and being worked on. It was a short exercise that was both a welcoming break from the mindless end-of-the-year, write-all-the-papers-for-everything grind, as well as a bit sentimental to see what project I had active at once and what I was working on n months or years ago. This is something I actually don’t keep track of – I never think if I have “too many” things being built at once, because you can never build too many things at once, right?

So I’ve compiled all of this information in a cheesy little infographic.

And an appended version with obstrusive text everywhere:

I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece, but I think it gets the point across: I build way too much stuff.

The terms and conditions are listed in the image itself. In short, though, everything red is some kind of robot, everything blue is some kind of vehicle, and everything green falls into the “other” category that are neither. Since my builds are so far dominated by robots and vehicles, it was a good enough clasification.

The stacked time blocks are actually a little misleading. At some points, it seems to imply that I was simultaneously working on 5 things at once – and that may have been true mentally, as in I was probably designing 5 things at once in my head, but none of it implies I was working on something constantly day-to-day. You could collapse them down to one row and have it make more sense. The start and end dates for a block are just when I first and last posted about the subject – there may be weeks in between where nothing was completed or updated, such as during LOLrioKart’s build.

2009 seems a bit empty… but that’s mostly because LOLrioKart really did take up a significant amount of that time, and back then I was… uhh… more academically coupled than now. The kart, for better or worse, has been my longest running project due to its complexity and the amount of motor controller headsmashing I did for it. Otherwise, I was always working on some form of scooter. The class-related blocks only convey portions of the class that I held a special interest or was personally involved in more than just for academic purposes. That’s why Face Vector Modulation only takes up one month with the 6.131 block. The Sushibots were the 2.009 term project that my group settled on; and while I didn’t make any posts on the site explicitly about them, they sure took up alot of time.

It looks like my worst project ADD occurred last summer and fall. And I certainly do remember it as such – ideally, this coming summer will be full of more of the same.

Actually, forget this coming summer. I hope forever is filled with more of the same.