A Productive Spring Break

Sunday, March 25th, 2012 @ 10:29 | MIT, Bostoncaster, Cambridgeshire, Stuff

…with the GT Invention Studio crew. MITERS cordially invited emissaries from Bizarro World MITERS over for a week of tours, visits, and randomness. Randomness ensued indeed:

The IS crew: Jamison (Variable Constant), Xo (Geek Shave Feelings), Aaron (bot3000).



  • Chibi-Mikuvan: The Penultimate Update!
  • Chibi-Mikuvan: Getting “Tired” of All This; Making the HCL Actually Function; Plus Other Work
  • Chibi-Mikuvan: Experimenting with the Trackstar 200A and the Hysterical Current Limiter
  • Beyond Unboxing: The Great Cambridge Chainsaw Massacre; Ryobi RY40511 Cordless Chainsaw
  • Chibi-Mikuvan The Extended Universe Edition: Water Cooling Loop and Digital Dash
  • Chibi-Mikuvan: More Stickers is More Power, Right?
  • Miscellaneous Van Adventures: Fuel and Coolant
  • 2.00gokart: The 2014 Season!
  • The Turbulent Rise of Chibi-Mikuvan
  • Chibi-Mikuvan Intensifies: Mechanical and Electrical Updates

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