Random site updates!

It’s not often that I actually update the site in a way that’s not a build report. It does happen occasionally, and in small increments. I’m trying to clean up and update the dark, neglected corners of the site.

Reference Section

I’ve made a page specifically for links and posts  that contain technical info or methods of execution – “Useful Stuff“. For instance, my exploration of the IR21844 would be such a post. Since I’ve found that it’s a pain digging through my own build reports to find the small amount of “oh, so that‘s how I did it” within, I figure others would have even more trouble. The topics are also things which I’ve been asked about frequently – then had to go mine out of the archival depths.

Donations Box


I’ve sold out.

Or not – but I have decided that it wouldn’t really hurt to keep open the option of accepting pittances. You may find the Paypal link on the Tips Jar page.

Nobody is morally obligated to donate. But keep it in mind if you find the site enjoyable or useful! You’re not paying for my living expenses, MIT, bar crawls, drug habit, services of ill repute, or things of that nature – it’s for showing your support of a little Turbo button on the next epic build project because you want to see it happen.