Snuffles testing

Over the past 24 hours or so, I have learned a few things.

One, giant outrunners are insanely powerful.

Two, this one is far too powerful for a small frame like the ElectricX2.

Three, I need a running start before jumping on or else the motor will torque so hard as to wheelie backwards and throw me off. That or I need to lean across the handlebars, Motocross style, so the most leverage possible is exerted againt the motor. This, however, looks really retarded.

Snuffles, so far, is completely uncontrollable and is a monster. This is a good thing, as it was the original design goal, but I have yet to tame this monster. I have a few days to practice, though!

One thought on “Snuffles testing”

  1. I think Snuffles had OD’d on NiMH cells. Maybe a few need to be surgically removed.

    Another possibility is to add some resistance in series so the voltage will drop under heavy load and cut the acceleration. Since you have a meter you know what the surge current is. Add resistance that will drop the voltage to just above the minimum for the controller when starting. For a low ohm, high current resistor maybe several feet of wire would work.

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