My new book…err…Instructable…something

Hey Charles, where the hell is Ballcopter? And what about your quadrotor? It’s August… are the robots being rolled out again for Dragon Con?!

I spent the past few days finishing my new book. And by book, I mean Instructable. It puts down in hypertext all the random resources, links, and techniques that I have been meaning to write down about building small electric scooter. Check it out here at Instructables.

edit: deeerrrrrrp

This is what happens when the last thing you add is a link to a MeanWell HLG series power supply. Which are nice, by the way. The Instructable link is fixed.

9 thoughts on “My new book…err…Instructable…something”

  1. Your book seems to mostly concern a 240W power supply and is pdf not html … might want to check that instructables link.

  2. what instructble ? that link is for a meanwell power supply not an instructble !

  3. Step 1: Buy an HLG-240-36A.
    Step 2: Ride it?

    But yeah, thank you for generating one more interrupt vector I can use when people ask me how to make things!

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