Robust active disturbance rejection

Now, very rarely do I ever post here about happenings unrelated to one the Z ongoing projects I have at any instant in time. However, this video, forwarded to me by a few of my peers, is simply too good to pass up.

It takes effort and generally alot of math and simulation to design a robust control system these days. As averse to math and simulation as I am, I generally haven’t embarked on any very control-theory heavy projects (I wouldn’t count Segfault as theory-heavy since the build has been more experimental in nature). The majority of my projects feature some kind of iterative design cycle – make once, break it, make again, and so on.

I suppose nothing can beat four billion years of practicing this methodology.

What do we see here? Essentially zero error, perfect damping, ultra-high bandwidth actuators, and what must be ultra low noise and accurate feedback.

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