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Snuffles: Retired, Revisited, Reloaded

Sep 29, 2007 in MIT & Boston, Project Build Reports, Snuffles

Propositio Prima: It is wholly possible to put together an extremely powerful and efficient personal electric vehicle using common hobby-grade equipment for under $400 in total. Depending on the requirements of the individual, this amount can be drastically less.

Propositio Secunda
: The best way to learn about something is doing it.

Propositio Tertia: Boston sidewalks suck ass.

This could be the start of something... uhh....

It was certainly the most fun impulsive build I’ve ever completed. What began as a desire to mount a giant brushless motor on something, anything, turned into a foray into the world of exotic power systems, electric vehicles, battery technologies, and electronics engineering. After I finally learned how to control the motor’s power, it became a great local transportation device. However, after a month of operation, I’ve decided to pull the plug on Snuffles.


Sep 27, 2007 in Stuff

Merry birthday to me. For my present, I think I’ll upgrade the site to WP2.3, which was just released.

This could take a while… it took me about a year to realize my site was hopelessly outdated last time.

Xity of Kambridgeshire

Sep 23, 2007 in MIT & Boston, Stuff


Now with more sodium!

What happens when you insert a subtle note into a popular web comic? One of many things. Today was the day; the official transition from Summer to Autumn, as well as the XKCD party. A few hundred people converged on a small playground/park somewhere in Northcambridgeshire, MA and celebrated the essence of XKCD. Randall Munroe himself was there to sign autographs.

Using the panorama mode on my camera, I did a 180 degree scan of the area from the convenient perch of a jungle gym. Bonus points if you spot the stitching artifacts!

The pan mode only ever works in bright daylight with lots of objects.

Alot of fun and merry was made, then the mobs proceeded on the way. Enterprising businesses took the opportunity to plant fliers and advertisements. Some people came from as far away as California and several from Canada.

After the madness was over, I headed back for some peace, quiet, and calculus homework.

Some videos from the event!




It starts again!

Sep 20, 2007 in Stuff

Even though I left 99% of my random stuff collection behind in Atlanta, it probably won’t take me long to accumulate the same amount all over again! In fact, I already have an decent collection of cruft , a MITism (like hack) which means old or obsolete equipment.


I can never resist something with a brushless motor in it.

 The first bits were salvaged from a cruft-smashing contest. Then I got lucky and found some large spindle motors (LaserDisc spindles?) at one of the swapfests. The power supply and CD drives were snapped off the Reuse mailing list, which often has parts and pieces on it. All of the above pictured items contain brushless motors to some degree, as well as small mechanical parts and in the case of the Zip drive guts, linear motors!


Don’t worry, I have four more drawers and two more shelves to fill.

It’s blue flavored.

Sep 18, 2007 in MIT & Boston, Stuff

Not quite on the way to “soda can castle”, but it’s a start.




I’m not sure if the same people are responsible for it, but I haven’t seen Jolt in forever. And of course, since I adore blue flavored anything,  I intake this stuff at the same rate I used to intake Mountain Dew Code Red.


Something tells me that this practice is not exactly healthy, but it doesn’t exactly do anything either. I must be severely desensitized to en4rgy compounds or the stuff is fake.


Do they sell 24-can cases of this stuff?