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Aug 31, 2007 in Project Build Reports, Snuffles

Snuffles died today. But only for a little while, as I just need to jiggle something to the right position and glue it there.


I was crossing a street while on the way to, of all places, the bike shop to get a big U-lock so I can actually start using the thing as a campus and town vehicle. While cruising across the street, the ESC suddenly reset.


Now, brushless controllers play a setup tone through the motor, using it as a speaker. This means the motor suddenly applies power in random directions, maybe more than one direction at once. Either way, the rear wheel locks up and I almost fly off. After a few power resets and poking, the ESC wouldn’t even play the setup tone, meaning there was no control signal at all, but the main power relay still latched, so it is getting battery power.


Fortunately, Snuffles is small enough to kick scoot and limp back to home base. I’ll find out the problem later.

Return of the Chuxxorb0x

Aug 30, 2007 in MIT & Boston, Stuff

Now that I have the PC running again in my permanent room, I’ll probably write a Comprehensive Week Report or something of everything that occured in the last week. However, this might be hard, as I might not remember everything. Not due to the influence of certain organic compounds, but just because there was so much stuff happening. Things are really winding down now.

Watch this spot. –>

Insanity to the Max

Aug 28, 2007 in MIT & Boston, Stuff

In the past 72 hours, I’ve probably ran around and done more random things than I have in the past two or more years, easily. Orientation is absolutely nuts here. The school year is nuts too, but in a different direction.

  • Finally taken Snuffles to full throttle on a smooth stretch of sidewalk.
  • Glow-in-the-dark-light-up Ultimate Frisbee
  • Liquid Nitrogen ice cream. ’nuff said.
  • Helped build a giant… dual hamster wheel doohickey with a shopping cart in the middle. Check the Facebook album. It’s too weird to describe.
  • Swam through a giant pit of packing peanuts. I’m still finding bits of foam falling off me in random spots.
  • Pushed a semi-destroyed paper-mache elephant through the streets of Cambridge
  • And the beat goes on.
  • Way too much free food.

Things are winding down a bit, but events continue throughout the week. Classes are poised to start next Wednesday – we’ll see how that goes.


Aug 26, 2007 in MIT & Boston, Stuff

Woke up today and could barely move because I’m so freakin’ sore. Yesterday was the most random running around I had done for a long time, all over campus for various reasons, including an all out drag race down the Infinite Corridor to write “FIRST POST!!!!1″ on the beginning of a giant paper roll on which were scribbled many, many random things by the EC residents (video walkthrough to come). I lost that race anyway, because my shoelaces were half-untied and any more running could have resulted in a faceplant. Which would be unpleasant, IMO.

I ended up initiating the “LAST POST” contest between a bunch of people who strove to squeeze those powerful, insightful words onto the last remaining corner of the smallest sliver of tape holding down the roll.

Someone then attached another piece of paper to it in typical MIT fashion.

Real orientation begins today. In fact, I just got back from the convocation speech by the Powers that Be. I managed to doze off and almost tip over twice, as eloquent as one of them were.

Long day.

Aug 26, 2007 in MIT & Boston, Stuff

This place is nothing short of insane.

I don’t have FTP access at the moment, so I can’t put a “event report” type write up here with pics, but here’s a link to the public Facebook album.