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Moar Bots!

Jul 30, 2007 in Bots

To go along with the previous NK weapon drawing, here’s a quick shot of the bot frame. Little wedgelets will be attached to the trapezoidal frame extensions. All speculation at this point, though. The weapon is decently oversized with respect to everything else.




Jul 29, 2007 in Project Build Reports, Snuffles

I knew it. Someone has done something like this before.

…But my outrunner’s bigger!

Mad tyte rimz…

Jul 29, 2007 in Project Build Reports, Snuffles

I was wrong. 125mm wheels do exist in 3 dimensions, but only sporadically. The rest of the time, they exist in 2 and a half. Through some research, I found out that some competitive inline skaters use these 125mm wheels, so they are generic enough and not just confined to some specialized part from one company.

The wheel style in use on the ElectricX2 from Sharper Image, as well as the most common replacement, is a 12-spoke design with plastic fake chrome accents. I detest fake chrome anything, but what’s worse is that the wheels have no real hub or solid mass of plastic with which to mount a hub to. It was more or less designed from the start as an idler.

In a moment of madness, however, I discovered that a 3/16″ pin fits snugly in hub corner, like an emo. Thus, an easy drive solution was discovered… Just drive a bunch of thick steel pins through the pulley and the wheel slides right on. It certainly beat the other idea, which was using a spare wheel from a nonrelated, strange-looking vehicle that was slightly out of spec.

Pin-hub drive Here’s a drawing of “pinhubdrive”. Yes, I meticulously took to the front wheel on the thing with digital calipers and duplicated most major dimensions in Inventor. It’s alot shinier in 3D.
The pins are(will be?) pressed into the aluminum pulley, which hopefully isn’t shitluminumâ„¢ like the rest of the scooter frame. The wheel just sits between the pins, and the whole assembly runs on some regular skate bearings, held together axially by the bolt that is the rear axle. Essentially a trade-out of the stock assembly with the same mounting dimensions.

According to McMaster, each 3/16″ hardened dowel pin has a shear strength of 3,600 pounds, so with six on there, I hope there won’t be a problem with broken pins. Only 13,000 in-lb of torque separates me from disaster. Cool, huh?



Seemed a good idea at the time…

Jul 27, 2007 in Project Build Reports, Snuffles

It all started when I found this thing at a flea market for a few bucks. Seemed to be in working order, nothing obviously broken or toasted. Then I remembered that I had a bigmoter. These two thoughts quickly mated and had many offspring, and thus the Chuxx0rmobile Ultra Mobile edition was born. I nabbed it before anyone else could, and hurried home for the dissection. Pics after the break!


The WordPress stock editor is shit.

Jul 27, 2007 in Stuff

I hate having to go back 80 times every page-edit just to reset all the pictures, paragraphs, and somesuch. The WYSIWYG isn’t being very WYSIWYGgy, as some times it doesn’t even show things in the right places.

And to top it all off, it thinks it knows code better than I, and tries to modify the stuff I type in the raw text section. Not cool.