Return of the Chuxxorb0x

Thursday, August 30th, 2007 @ 13:32 | MIT & Boston, Stuff

Now that I have the PC running again in my permanent room, I’ll probably write a Comprehensive Week Report or something of everything that occured in the last week. However, this might be hard, as I might not remember everything. Not due to the influence of certain organic compounds, but just because there was so much stuff happening. Things are really winding down now.

Watch this spot. –>



  • More About the #RobotTrapShop and Building Up a New Workspace
  • A New Beginning: The 17th Chapter; Back to the A-Town
  • Robot Ruckus at Orlando Maker Faire: How to Somewhat Scale-Model Test Your BattleBots
  • Überclocker 5: Finishing Up The Everything Else
  • Überclocker 5.0: In Which I Actually Have to Build the Bot, Not Just Talk About It
  • Überclocker 5.0: The Big Post of Designy-Stuff
  • The Overhaul of the Future Begins Now: Überclocker 5.0 (Also, Welcome Back to Robots)
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN Part 7: The Epilogue; or, Dragon Con 2019
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN Episode VI: Return of the Van Lights; the Conclusion
  • Late Stage #PostmodernRobotics: Welcome to Your Waifu is Trash, the Robot Dumpster Fire

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