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Tuesday, August 28th, 2007 @ 15:07 | MIT, Bostoncaster, Cambridgeshire, Stuff

I haven’t uploaded any pics or videos onto this site because I’m waiting to move into my permanent room before setting the Chuxxorb0x up. Right now I’m running a mostly empty laptop (affectionately named the Chuxxorpizzab0x), and am not going to install too much stuff on it lest I get attached to XP Professional. I have, however, posted pics on Facebook and videos of various insane activities on Jewtube. So check those out.

Lessons learned so far? I am SO glad I didn’t stay and go to Georgia Tech. And walking sucks.

A new category has been opened up specifically for posts related to this place and its immediate surroundings. “Stuff” just wasn’t nearly descriptive enough.



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