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Saturday, May 9th, 2009 @ 8:29 | MIT, Bostoncaster, Cambridgeshire, Stuff

I keep forgetting that my website has actual pages. Therefore, to remedy this, I’m in the process of updating the project pages to reflect their most recent incarnations. Being updated include the combat robot pages, which are still showing the content of last year, and the current states of LOLrioKart and RazEr.

Also, I’ll be adding a new section to the project page – academic, research, and professional works, since I realized that keeping track of the legit things that I’ve done is conducive to building your nascent career in engineering™.

Watch this space for the continued tragic story of LOLrioKart, my start-to-finish-in-a-week-for-a-class-project-,-go-figure robot, and my explorations in course 6.



  • Operation RESTORING BROWN Part III: An Electric Interlude
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN: Romance of the Rusty Roof Rail Repair
  • Operation: RESTORING BROWN: Vivisection of the Beast – the Summer of vantruck Begins;
  • Beyond Unboxing: Inside a Very Chinesium Mini MIG Welder
  • The Most Curious Story of Sadvan
  • How to Remedy Your Mitsubishi Delica’s Leaking Windshield: A Pictorial Guide; Or, Van Facility Improvements Late 2018 to Nowish
  • Operation RESOLUTE BROWN: Conquest of That Weird Idle Problem
  • The Long, Cold Winter of No Posting Ends: Awaken the sadbot2019
  • Dragon Con 2018: Postmodern Robotics Comes Home With a Vengeance
  • All-Vans Quality of Life Rollup – Mid 2018 to Now

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