Site Updates Again

Thursday, July 19th, 2012 @ 21:09 | Stuff

I’ve taken some time to bring all the project pages back up to date. First, Johnscooter and RazEr REV2 now have their own pages. I’ve added tinystar to the copters page too (at the bottom – what I haven’t figured out is how to make WordPress accept inline page sections using the # sign) and reorganized the EV page to reflect the current lineup. Next, the combat robots page has been updated to reflect that I took half my fleet apart a few weeks ago.

Finally, I’ve also gotten rid of the Future Projects page. I have almost never built something out of it – it was just functioning as a random musing dump. I didn’t delete it, so I can still have it as a random musing dump, just not publicly.



  • Überclocker 5.0: The Big Post of Designy-Stuff
  • The Overhaul of the Future Begins Now: Überclocker 5.0 (Also, Welcome Back to Robots)
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN Part 7: The Epilogue; or, Dragon Con 2019
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN Episode VI: Return of the Van Lights; the Conclusion
  • Late Stage #PostmodernRobotics: Welcome to Your Waifu is Trash, the Robot Dumpster Fire
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN 5: The Road to Reassembly
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN: The Paintening
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN Part III: An Electric Interlude
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN: Romance of the Rusty Roof Rail Repair
  • Operation: RESTORING BROWN: Vivisection of the Beast – the Summer of vantruck Begins;

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    1. Doug Gallardo Says:

      But we like public musing dumps!