Nuclear Kitten Update 4: Uh oh, shit’s starting to break Edition

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 @ 7:48 | Bots, Nuclear Kitten 5

It *ALMOST* worked.

I wired through the night to get NK up and moving. I found out that the frame has enough space in it to stuff in TB4.5′s Spektrum receiver, which means one less bot I have to worry about receiving its own noise and interpreting it as a signal. And it worked – the bot is hellishly zippy, and the disc is absolutely frightening.

However, the drive motors draw more current than the Barello ANT controller can handle – it enters thermal failsafe after a few seconds of hard driving.

This is due in part to the massively increased current capacity of the batteries, being LiPo cells, the higher voltage I’m running the bot at (11.1v versus 9.6 for the previous frame) and the fact that all four wheels have traction, as opposed to NK4 which really drove on its two front wheels.

Secondly, while finalizing the wiring, I resoldered the main power connector in backwards (the consequence of working so early in the morning?). While normally this would just result in a big spark and me pitching the bot halfway across the room, it actually blew out one of the tabs on the battery pack. Thin nickel tabs on a pack that can dump 30 amps, absolutely brilliant.

The blown tab is too short to link back to the rest of the pack. This means I will have to get a new battery pack, or risk running 7.4 volts. It’s too close to departure date to have a pack shipped to me here in Cambridge, from Hong Kong, and so I will order a battery and have it shipped to Atlanta.

Meanwhile, NK5.0 IS DONE AND MOVING! One down, two to go! What else is going to break?



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