D. P. R. Chibikart: The Everything Update + Instructables

Friday, June 1st, 2012 @ 5:47 | D.P.R. Chibikart, Project Build Reports

Kind of like Kim Jong-Il, nobody really knows when the Democratic People’s Republic of Chibikart was born, or where. I think it was some time on  Wednesday, actually, but I haven’t put up an update on it here because I’ve been plowing through the Instructable that I promised pretty much every day since then. This thing is a book. It’s 46 Instructables steps long, but each one has on average 5 or 6 “substeps” because otherwise I was facing the prospect of a 200+ step Instructable. But more on that later.

First, a recap of… what essentially is Wed. night, I suppose. (The prior update which include some of the frame construction is here)

First off is the electronics deck. Compared to Chibikart, wiring this thing was a breeze. I gave the Jasontrollers a well-deserved haircut since I was not using any of their auxiliary functions, and that instantly made the wiring like 10 times cleaner.

DPRC features a real terminal block which serves all the power distribution and signal connections, so the plan itself was more open to begin with.

I do like this arrangement of parts – it’s fairly clean, and the plate is entirely under the seat so you don’t really see any of it from a standing position. The plate can be pushed forward if I ever want to switch to the bigger 500W class Jasontroller, but in my mind this is not really worthwhile.

If those Jasontrollers look a little familiar, almost like I used them for something else before, that’s because…

Poor Chibikart.

Well, my next batch of Jasontrollers didn’t come on Wednesday, and last time I pledged that

If they don’t come by Wednesday, I might actually knock two Jasontrollers off Chibikart for now just to get it over with. Because I want to ride it. Badly.

-me, a few days ago

Chibikart still runs fine on 2 motors, though! In fact, for a while, it totally did. The acceleration is a little less glamorous.

Here’s the electronics deck installed in DPRC with wire extend-o-splices already made. The e-deck drops onto the frame from the bottom – the whole frame is turned over, the e-deck bolted on, and then it’s turned back over to finish wiring the switch and other parts. The seat is off this whole time. It was alot more elegant than trying to jiggle all the components while the seat was already covering them, like I had to do for Chibikart1.

And here is the completed Pretty Shot!

This build is way cleaner, and also much lighter. We weighed Chibikart versus DPRC, and Chibikart actually weighs almost exactly 50 pounds. This was over my estimates, but Chibikart also has an unnecessarily huge battery and much heavier motors.

DPRC weighed in at only 36 pounds, with everything on it. I swear Melonscooter is about that heavy…

Compared to Chibikart 1. They’re the exact same outer dimensions and exact same height otherwise. Seeing Chibikart1 weigh so much really makes me want to downgrade the A123 module to some A123 12V7 bricks or the equivalent K2 bricks. I do have a few more A123 bricks left over, so perhaps it’s time for an Alphanumeric Battery Company (ABC) shootout with Chibikarts!


As promised in the original mission statement, I’ve finished the Instructable document. In it, you will find the above build progress pics and MANY MANY MANY more. The “Instructable pictures” folder in my DPRC build pics folder has 298 items in it. I don’t even have a word count, but I am positive it is well over 9000. I’ve entered it into the “Make It Real” contest, because the line of 3d printers in the IDC shop needs expanding – either the Objet or the PP3dP Up would be a fun addition to the lineup in the minishop.

hoonage video

This is probably the part that people actually care about – the test video! We made use of the convenient closed loop found in the building architecture yet again. I used Chibikart1 to film a few people driving around the… uhhh…. course.

Additionally, the first spinup video is here – it was linked in the Instructable too.

Merry Chibiiing.



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    4 Responses to “D. P. R. Chibikart: The Everything Update + Instructables”

    1. Spayum Says:

      Have you ever thought about developing a “Boost button” for one of your electric vehicle? I figure it could be done relatively painlessly if you used a system like KERS in F1 racing. Just a thought.

    2. the chuxxor Says:

      I have, but that’s already been done here by some of my friends a few years ago:


    3. Raleigh Sexton Says:

      I’m interested in wheel motors sufficient to power an 800 lb (1250lbs loaded) nicely around a city. Do you know of anyone producing something that’s remotely cost-effective I could purchase?

    4. the chuxxor Says:


      Sounds like an automotive hub motor (or several large e-bike hub motors) are what you need. Try this site: http://kellycontroller.com/brushless-hub-motors-c-21_62.html