It’s random site update season

Monday, October 31st, 2011 @ 6:58 | Stuff

The primary purpose of my site is for me to dump the day’s progress in the form of pictureful blog-like posts. This means I usually forget about the rest of it, but I’m going to start adding things in order to bring all the projects up to date. Straight RazEr, Melonscooter, all my hub motors, and the Weird-o-copters still need project pages, and the Motor Controls page is awfully out of date too.

First up, though, by popular request now from several people – I’ve updated the “useful stuff” page with downloadable versions of all the things I keep getting asked about. Boards, various CAD files, and worst of all, Arduino code can be found there. None of it is guaranteed to work; in fact, I *know* those board files are not updated with all of their required Little Blue Wire hacks and trace jumps.



  • Überclocker 5.0: The Big Post of Designy-Stuff
  • The Overhaul of the Future Begins Now: Überclocker 5.0 (Also, Welcome Back to Robots)
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN Part 7: The Epilogue; or, Dragon Con 2019
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN Episode VI: Return of the Van Lights; the Conclusion
  • Late Stage #PostmodernRobotics: Welcome to Your Waifu is Trash, the Robot Dumpster Fire
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN 5: The Road to Reassembly
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN: The Paintening
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN Part III: An Electric Interlude
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN: Romance of the Rusty Roof Rail Repair
  • Operation: RESTORING BROWN: Vivisection of the Beast – the Summer of vantruck Begins;

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