Daily Bad Idea

Thursday, March 20th, 2008 @ 22:53 | Bots, MIT & Boston, Stuff

Today’s really bad idea is….



  • Thank You for Calling Big Chuck’s Lawn and Landscaping: Introducing Crabmower
  • More About the #RobotTrapShop and Building Up a New Workspace
  • A New Beginning: The 17th Chapter; Back to the A-Town
  • Robot Ruckus at Orlando Maker Faire: How to Somewhat Scale-Model Test Your BattleBots
  • Überclocker 5: Finishing Up The Everything Else
  • Überclocker 5.0: In Which I Actually Have to Build the Bot, Not Just Talk About It
  • Überclocker 5.0: The Big Post of Designy-Stuff
  • The Overhaul of the Future Begins Now: Überclocker 5.0 (Also, Welcome Back to Robots)
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN Part 7: The Epilogue; or, Dragon Con 2019
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN Episode VI: Return of the Van Lights; the Conclusion

    2 Responses to “Daily Bad Idea”

    1. Dale Says:

      Looks like this accident has found a place to happen. How far did it roll and how many people did it take out when powered up?

    2. the chuxxor Says:

      Actually, it didn’t move, and nobody died. Amazing, huh? Especially since I was involved!

      Sensored motor and controller… it started the thing so smoothly I almost didn’t notice. Minimum speed was something obscenely low like 30RPM.