More Thrust Vectoring

Thursday, July 7th, 2011 @ 3:43 | Emergency Quadrotor, Project Build Reports

I’m back.

Wait, where did I go for like 2 weeks? I’ll explain that later, as well as detail what Shit Went Down™, but I was finally able to run the Emergency Quadrotor fan with thrust vectoring on a full 36 volts:

Yeah, I just kind of grabbed it. No thrust measurements except “wow, my arm is sore from holding onto that”, but I wouldn’t expect it to be more than 4 kilograms as recorded legitimately before.

This test confirmed the servos as being strong enough to muscle around the fans, even at full speed. I was concerned that gyroscopic forces would mean the servos would act too slowly to control the vehicle, but they are still responsive. There is visually discernible lag if I manually “step” the servo position from limit to limit, but it’s not enough to concern me: the fans should never be split-second actuating from lock to lock.

The test also (fortunately) showed that the structure is strong enough to hold back the full force of the fan. There’s no reason itwouldn’t be, but still.

Next step: Make 3 more. Poor Make-a-Bot.



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