I’m not the only one who makes funky vehicles.

Sunday, June 19th, 2011 @ 7:53 | MIT & Boston, Stuff

Amy, a fellow Mechanical Engineering now-graduate and MITERese, also does. In fact, her stuff always seems to be simpler, more elegant, and way more functional than mine. Through peer pressure from multiple fronts, she has since began consistently keeping her own website (www.amymakesstuff.com) updated with the latest project work. She’s reponsible for the incredibly stealthy Picofahrrad:

It now in fact has a hub motor, one of the few (the only?) operational hub motor vehicle outside of me and Shane.

Her latest is a five day electric mini-kart build which is so fresh and clean it hasn’t even been named yet.

The original goal was five days, and it was attained; it works as of like right now. I made a 8S6P LiFe pack for it, not shown in the incomplete picture above, but it goes on those polycarb corners. This thing in total weighs like less than the landbearshark’s left track pod.



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