Sunday, January 13th, 2008 @ 21:41 | Bots, Project Build Reports, Project RazEr, Test Bot 4.5 SP1

It’s done! Structurally, anyways. And it’s really shiny. Besides being shiny, it actually stands a chance of working.

…because I’m fairly certain it has the same center of rotation throughout. If it does not, the discrepancy is too small to see or feel. The outer holes will be countersunk when I can get a sample of a 4-40 flathead cap screw.

Outer plates of 6061 aluminum, can of steel.

The insides. Getting the stator onto the internal hub was a bit of an adventure, and it got a bit mangled in the process. If I were to do this again with appropriate funding, the stator will be a professionally made part. I bet that even if it works, the efficiency will be horrendous since the stator laminations are “insulated” with wood lacquer and made of hot rolled sheet steel, the stuff usually used for odd sculptures, not the cores of high performance electric motors.

With a wheel. The only thing that wobbles now is this wheel, which is most likely a quality issue. The wobble isn’t much at all – a hundredth or two at most. What sort of annoys me is that the tire profile is so tall, which means the motor has to have a relatively small diameter compared to the whole wheel. If I could go completely balls-out custom on this, the motor would be much larger and the tire custom-cast from urethane with a lower profile.

The downside to a lower profile tire is less shock absorbtion, which could impact motor lifetime. That’s a matter of IRL testing.

The magnets and magnet wire are still back in my dorm room, so I’ll finish this motor up when I return.

I also took the opportunity to trim down this gear for TB4.5′s arm geartrain. It will drive the rear link through a pin.

Since I’ll be back on campus on Wednesday, I’m going to order some materials that will have parts cut out of them with various large machines. Some half-inch aluminum for the arm and frame bits, some quater-inch aluminum sheet for the wedges, Garolite for the top and bottom plates, and polycarbonate for the internal EBay components.



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