Thursday, January 27th, 2011 @ 18:05 | MIT, Bostoncaster, Cambridgeshire, Project Build Reports, Stuff



  • Überclocker 5.0: The Big Post of Designy-Stuff
  • The Overhaul of the Future Begins Now: Überclocker 5.0 (Also, Welcome Back to Robots)
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN Part 7: The Epilogue; or, Dragon Con 2019
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN Episode VI: Return of the Van Lights; the Conclusion
  • Late Stage #PostmodernRobotics: Welcome to Your Waifu is Trash, the Robot Dumpster Fire
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN 5: The Road to Reassembly
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN: The Paintening
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN Part III: An Electric Interlude
  • Operation RESTORING BROWN: Romance of the Rusty Roof Rail Repair
  • Operation: RESTORING BROWN: Vivisection of the Beast – the Summer of vantruck Begins;

    2 Responses to “Fanvan!!!”

    1. Mike L Says:


    2. lim shi hao Says:

      err…. is this a joke, teaser or just crazy?? And is it legal to place such a large engine on the van and too crazy to try racing against it??