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Long day.

Aug 26, 2007 in MIT, Bostoncaster, Cambridgeshire, Stuff

This place is nothing short of insane.

I don’t have FTP access at the moment, so I can’t put a “event report” type write up here with pics, but here’s a link to the public Facebook album.

Almost on the way

Aug 23, 2007 in MIT, Bostoncaster, Cambridgeshire, Stuff

I’m now posting from the laptop, and probably will post on the road once in a while. A true diehard techie would have cellular broadband access and update his embedded Google Maps interface on-the-fly, linked with GPS. I’m not that good. Yet.

*adds number 23 to things that must be built* What a great idea.

Course planning

Aug 23, 2007 in MIT, Bostoncaster, Cambridgeshire, Stuff

This involved actual planning, unlike my cross-five-lanes-on-a-whim course planning...

And here it is. It’s a very long way. The waypoints in the middle route around downtown New York City, which last time ate up its own little two hours. If everything goes well, we should be in New Haven, CT by sundown Friday, where we will camp at a friend’s house until Saturday early morning. Then it’s on the road of no return (coincident with the road to Freakin’ Awesomenessâ„¢)

Goal of today is to prepare the computer equipment. Mostly this involves dunking the family laptop in a potent cocktail of bleach, Lysol, and paint solvent in order to clean it off.

That, or a hard drive wipe. I will then proceed to dual-boot XP Professional and Knoppix. Yes, Knoppix. Why Knoppix? Because I already had it standing around, and the latest version has a great feature set, including support for 157,000 different programming languages, 156,979 of which nobody have ever heard of.

I figure as long as I’m going to be at a place like MIT, Linux proficiency might factor heavily into my social life, and plus I’ve been meaning to use it for the past four years (like I’ve been meaning to do several other things which may start now).

Computing ideology has never been my fort£ anyway.

T-minus 23:46


Aug 22, 2007 in MIT, Bostoncaster, Cambridgeshire, Stuff

I’ve started the organizing and packing process. Most of this involves dumping stuff I have in a suitcase and calling it good.

I’m going to try and fit my life (without the garagefull of robot junk) into at most three airline-size suitcases. This is much like a tapeworm dumping most of its egg segments and moving on with only the head. What a vision, eh?!


Even more an excuse to get more stuff!


There are now 30 hours, 35 minutes before Friday at 3AM, the departure time.

Site Issues

Aug 22, 2007 in Stuff

I’ve been notified that the site is FUBAR’d on anything other than Firefox on 1280×1024. I’ll look into this matter – it probably comes as a result of me editing too much CSS at too early in the morning. All readers (all -4 of you) who are not on Firefox and 1280 please tell me whether or not the content is scooted all the way to the bottom.

Hey, works fine for me, right?

Update: Now that there is a gaping hole on the right side of the page, I should upgrade to a template with a third sidebar for extra goodies I’ll never use.

The site should work on 1024 now, and if you set your resolution to 800×600 for the sole purpose of annoying me, you will be stoned to death.