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Aug 22, 2007 in MIT & Boston, Stuff

I’ve started the organizing and packing process. Most of this involves dumping stuff I have in a suitcase and calling it good.

I’m going to try and fit my life (without the garagefull of robot junk) into at most three airline-size suitcases. This is much like a tapeworm dumping most of its egg segments and moving on with only the head. What a vision, eh?!


Even more an excuse to get more stuff!


There are now 30 hours, 35 minutes before Friday at 3AM, the departure time.

Site Issues

Aug 22, 2007 in Stuff

I’ve been notified that the site is FUBAR’d on anything other than Firefox on 1280×1024. I’ll look into this matter – it probably comes as a result of me editing too much CSS at too early in the morning. All readers (all -4 of you) who are not on Firefox and 1280 please tell me whether or not the content is scooted all the way to the bottom.

Hey, works fine for me, right?

Update: Now that there is a gaping hole on the right side of the page, I should upgrade to a template with a third sidebar for extra goodies I’ll never use.

The site should work on 1024 now, and if you set your resolution to 800×600 for the sole purpose of annoying me, you will be stoned to death.


Aug 21, 2007 in MIT & Boston, Stuff

This absolutely has to be the most convenient, well-timed thing on the planet.

MIT has a program known as “UROP” – Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program – which allowes undergrads to do research and such when it is usually reserved for graduate students.

Here’s a posting I found today.


Free food?

Though granted that the technology will be a slight tiny bit more sophisticated than dear Snuffles, and probably infinitely more controllable, I think I may have a good head start…



Snuffles testing

Aug 20, 2007 in Project Build Reports, Snuffles

Over the past 24 hours or so, I have learned a few things.

One, giant outrunners are insanely powerful.

Two, this one is far too powerful for a small frame like the ElectricX2.

Three, I need a running start before jumping on or else the motor will torque so hard as to wheelie backwards and throw me off. That or I need to lean across the handlebars, Motocross style, so the most leverage possible is exerted againt the motor. This, however, looks really retarded.

Snuffles, so far, is completely uncontrollable and is a monster. This is a good thing, as it was the original design goal, but I have yet to tame this monster. I have a few days to practice, though!

Chinese engineering

Aug 18, 2007 in Project Build Reports, Snuffles, Stuff

So I got the battery charger today. In typical Chinese engineering fashion, it has no documentation and inconsistent parts and features.

Can I make a left turn on the green light too!?


I’m not sure if I’ll ever understand what the heck it’s doing, and just take its little flashing lights for face value.


It also comes with two fuses, but with no fuse holder or any other visible sign of a fuse. It also seems to be ultrasonic-welded together, with no screws, so if I ever have to replace a fuse, I seem to need a sledgehammer.


Here’s hoping it works and never breaks (yeah right). I will not hesitate in sledgehammering it open at the first sign of trouble.