Motorama 2015 Part II: The Pitfalls of Used Überclocker Ownership and Unmodeled Dynamics of Candy Paint & Gold Teeth

Mar 30, 2015 by the chuxxor in Candy Paint & Gold Teeth, Events, Überclocker ADVANCE

Let the masses rejoice, for I’ve decided to go ahead and post my Motorama 2015 trip summary, having been satisfied by the newbies, finally *ahem*. I mean, that and the fact that I have backed up way too many other things to talk about waiting on you guys to finish. One of the consequences of writing up an event report a month and a half post facto is that everything I remembered from the event and wanted to talk about really really badly is now… wait, what was I talking about again? See what I’m talking about?!

Additionally, for the past month or three, I’ve been working some black projects which will be excellent once revealed, but I feel like need a little more time to develop before I drop the bass. Rest assured it will not be disappointing.

Anyways, onto the event!

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